Viral videos are shared daily, you’re emailed these videos, they appear on your Facebook wall, the mainstream media talks about them, they’re everywhere. Having a video go viral is every producers dream. Some use shock, some use humor and some just use unique content to propel their video into superstardom. We’ve launched love stories about teeth, started the first Mexican Curling Team, a dream about Tim Horton’s drone delivery and much more. Some of these videos were even created, produced and edited the same day.

Many companies can produce professional video content but very few have the creativity to produce a viral video. One of the first considerations for any company is budget, we have launched several viral videos on a budget and would be happy to talk to you about viral ideas for your business.

Drone Knocked Down at Stanley Cup Final

Mexican Curling Team Going for Gold Pyeongchang 2018

Runningskirts Skirtencounter at the Runner’s World Half Marathon

RunningskirtsĀ® is a leading women’s fitness apparel brand. For the the third straight year they organized a group of more than 30 amazing volunteers for their annual water stop just past mile 8 in the half marathon. They gave away $30,000 of product at the event to lucky participants all wearing runningskirts, pink morph suits and compression socks.
Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry _ Clear for Takeoff

The Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is the premier dental organization for cosmetic focused dentists in Florida. There is an annual educational conference each year where dentists learn the latest techniques and information relating to operating a cosmetic focused dental practice. Each year is a newly elected board president and they determine the theme of the their years conference around their personal interests. The theme for this year conference was “Clear for Takeoff” as the incoming president is a private pilot. We had to come up with an entertaining theme that would keep the interest of the attendees. We collectively decided to do some spoofs of popular “Top Gun” scenes with a dental spin. All the actors were practicing dentists and weather affected many of our planned scenes. We had to overcome, adapt and improvise to create new scenes on the fly due to the bad weather.