With our passion for sports, we have introduced sports college recruiting video production as a service.  We understand what college recruiters want and better yet, how to get their attention focused on you. Having a professionally produced sports college recruiting video will give you an advantage over other athletes and open more doors for your college education.

We can produce a top notch video for any sport but the sports we understand the best through personal experiences are: ice hockey, golf, football, triathlon, running and basketball.

Recently, we produced a ice hockey college recruiting video for Ted Lauer, a defenceman on the WSHL San Diego Gulls.  This team will changing their name to the San Diego Sabers at the end of this season due to the new San Diego AHL team that will take over the Gulls name.

College recruiters were asking for game footage to show some of Ted’s hockey skills. Its hard for recruiters to travel these days, so it is imperative to have a good recruiting video.  We focused on Ted’s play over 6 games.  This gave us lots of great content to showcase his skills. We also filmed at hockey practice, in our studios and captured commentary from some of Ted’s coaches and teammates.

Ice Hockey College Recruiting Video Example


The Results

Shortly after sending this video to one of Ted’s first school choices, he was asked to play on the college hockey team and made the commitment to play there.  The hockey recruiter told him it was the best video he has ever seen come across his desk.