Welcome to Runstar Media, an experienced full service Internet Marketing firm based in San Diego, California. We utilize the latest web technology, marketing techniques, creativity and put these into action to grow your business. Our leaders currently operate and have built several successful online businesses from large web portals to women’s activewear. Your business will benefit from our experience, we know what works and what doesn’t.

There are several elements that make a business successful online and the needs of each business are unique. We do not provide cookie cutter marketing solutions because a one-size fits all approach does not work in a competitive environment like the web. We treat your business like our own and will never sell you a product or service just to get the sale. Our business has largely been built on referrals and of course web referrals. We look forward to making you another happy Runstar Media client.

Popular Services We Are Frequently Providing:

Responsive Web Design – We will convert your website to a responsive web design that renders perfectly on the iPhone/android phones and tablets. We are regularly converting client websites and utilize responsive designs eliminating the need for separate mobi sites or splash pages. Mobile usage on the web is growing exponentially, we are seeing upwards of 50% mobile use on some of our client websites. Let use convert your website today and get you mobile ready.

Video Production Youtube is now the second largest search engine next to Google. Video is another one of the fastest growing categories on the web. Just like the search engine algorithms, video search engines have their own and one of the key elements to success is quality of the video. If customers stay on your video longer, you will get favorable results. We have been analyzing the best practices for online video since 2006. We had the vision 8 years ago and started utilizing video to grow businesses online. We have the resources and teams to provide full scale TV commercial production to lower budget small business productions. If you’re not comfortable on camera, we have professional spokesmodels. We’ve even produced several viral videos.

Give is a call today for a complimentary consultation by calling 646-761-7887 or send us an email.

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